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gavel 2The governing body of the District is its Board of Supervisors, which is comprised of five Supervisors. These individuals act in much the same way as a City or County Commissioner, in that they are public servants for the citizens in the community they serve. Supervisors for the Harmony CDD are governed by the same laws as any other governmental official in the state of Florida, including the Sunshine Law and the Public Records Law.

The Board of Supervisors for the District consists of five members, who are elected in the general elections every two years by qualified electors of the District. The next election will be on November 6, 2018 for Seats 2 and 4. All Seats are elected to four-year terms. The slate of Harmony CDD Candidates is posted on the Community Bulletin Board.

Click here for Qualifying Information – as announced at the March 2018 Board meeting.  For further information, please contact the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections; either directly at their office or by visiting their website at:

Click here for District Board Membership History.


Steve Berube, Chairman

      • Seat 4
      • Elected November 4, 2014
      • Term expires November 2018
      • Board Member since December 2009

Ray Walls, Vice Chairman

      • Seat 2
      • Elected November 4, 2014
      • Term expires November 2018
      • Board Member since November 2010

Bill Bokunic, Assistant Secretary

      • Seat 5
      • Elected November 8, 2016
      • Term expires November 2020
      • Board Member since December 2016

Kerul Kassel, Assistant Secretary

      • Seat 3
      • Elected November 8, 2016
      • Term expires November 2020
      • Board Member since November 2008

David Farnsworth, Assistant Secretary

      • Seat 1
      • Elected November 8, 2016
      • Term expires November 2020
      • Board Member since November 2012


Florida Statutes (“F.S.”), reference Chapter 190.011(3), authorizes the HCDD Board to hire such employees and agents as it deems necessary.

The Board has employed Inframark, IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) to serve as District Manager.  The District Manager is the chief administrative official of the District and is charged with supervising the works of the District.  Specifically, the District Manager has the responsibility for preserving and maintaining improvements or facilities constructed or erected pursuant to provisions of the “F.S.” authorization, for maintaining and operating the equipment owned by the District, and for performing such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.

The Board has employed the services of Boyd Civil Engineering, P.E. as District Engineer and Young Qualls, P.A. as District Legal Counsel.  All professionals work at the direction of the Board of Supervisors.


The Board of Supervisors has also engaged contractors to provide services to the District’s common areas.  Included among these is Servello to perform landscape maintenance.

District Field Personnel perform irrigation maintenance in all open areas of Harmony and aquatic plant treatment of all Harmony ponds,  including the Golf Course water hazards.