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To provide an arena (not a “Blog” spot) for reporting things not in the public media world, this page is dedicated to & designed around activities that are happening in the District, by or on behalf of the Residents.  If you have an item of interest to recommend for posting on this page, please email it to the District Manager at

Be AwareIf item is time sensitive, page update is nominally once-per-month.

District Announcements

  • Harmony Businesses — Listed under More Information About Harmony.
  • District Sidewalk Cleaning — Pressure wash cycle started on January 2, 2018.
  • Garden & Parking Area — Property now owned by HCDD & managed by HROA.

Community Activities

[ See also list below under Around Town. ]

Chairman’s Corner

  • The Harmony Community Development District (HCDD) Board of Supervisors held its regular monthly meeting tonight (05/31/2018); we were joined by about 12 residents.  Some of the highlights:
  • SERVELLO Landscaping reported on their ongoing maintenance efforts.  They also indicated that the town-wide annual mulching project is nearing completion; and, in response to a resident question about the town-wide tree trimming project, indicated that they are likely still several weeks away from completion.  We also requested that they substitute larger & more colorful flowers for the 4 inch ones planted quarterly in several areas.
  • As you might know, the CDD recently received an assortment of land parcels from the Developer.  While many of these areas are wetlands and will go into our conservation bank, we absorbed the area that includes the Garden, the Commercial Vehicle Parking Area, the Landscaper Staging area, and, of course, the path leading to these facilities.  As the Garden & Parking Area are currently managed by HROA Manager, Association Solutions, we will contract with them moving forward to continue the management.
  • The path is a bit more complex as it needs rehab, so we will seek bids from both outside contractors as well as from our own Field Services Group.  As this path has proven over time, it requires routine maintenance on a regular basis.  So, it is my belief that Field Services should rehab the road now, AND maintain it on a routine basis going forward.  This will require some investment in equipment, but said equipment will be multi-faceted and usable for more than just the path.  More on this after the next meeting.
  • It is important to note that these facilities (Garden & Parking) must be self-sustaining and that includes the path.  So, it is important that we find a way to maintain that path inexpensively so that user fees don’t skyrocket.
  • We approved a contract to add some pavers at the dogpark as well as at a water tank fill area at the CDD Field Services Office.
  • We also approved a contract to resurface the Basketball Court at LakeShore Park.  This is to eliminate the ponding as well as provide a surface with better traction.  And let’s not forget that it will look better too!
  • We approved the initial FY2019 Proposed Budget which, if it holds together, will cause NO ASSESSMENT FEE INCREASE this year.  That means that this is another year, in a long string, which will see services increase and fees remain stable.  We still have to analyze the details, but I see no reason that fees will increase.
  • The Osceola County Supervisor of Elections reported that there are 1501 registered voters in Harmony.
  • We also discussed an ongoing situation with OUC which has had billing issues dating back to August 2017.  Despite months of analysis, what we know for certain is that we are being overcharged.  What is less certain is how much that overcharge is, but it seems to be between $30,000 and $45,000.  Management has yet another meeting scheduled with OUC next week; hopefully, we can get this finalized.
  • We also held a Public Hearing requested by PoolWorks to discuss a contract dispute we have with them.  The dispute centers on a swimming pool refurbishment contract which was not carried out to our satisfaction, so we withheld the final payment of $20,000.  As the quote to repair the substandard work is nearly that amount, it’s effectively a wash.  While the final decision has not been made yet, you can probably surmise where this is headed.
  • Thanks for taking the time to read.


This online reservation system is provided free to Harmony residents through the generosity of Jungle Lasers and Harmony resident, Mark Catanese.  The product used is Geo3.0 (pronounced jee-oh-three-oh).  Currently available only for boats, in the future it may be expanded to include other District Recreational Facilities.

For daily boat operations, contact the Dockmaster (Fri-Sat 407-394-2183; Sun-Thu 407-223-3899).

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Board Approvals

  • Fiscal Year 2019 Budget — Approved 05/31/2018 – Public Hearing 08/30/2018
  • New Pavers Installation — Dogpark & Tank Fill Area – Approved: 05/31/2018
  • Resurfacing Contract — Buck Lake Basketball Court – Rescinded: 07/26/2018
    [Vendor refused to honor signed contract – demanded funding increase.]
  • Access Road Resurfacing — Garden & Parking Area – Approved: 06/28/2018
  • Garden & Parking Facilities — Rental Fee Schedules – Approved: 07/26/2018

Around Town

  • Lakeshore Development — Planning Options of Sun Terra Communities
  • No Cat Lake Camping — Announced at March 31, 2016 HCDD Board meeting
  • Harmony Volleyball — Lakeshore Park Court:  6:00pm Thursday; all skill levels
  • Board Elections — Supervisor Seats 2 & 4 are up for election on November 6, 2018
    • Candidates for Seat 2:  —  [Daniel Leet; Mark LeMenager; Michael Scarborough]
    • Candidates for Seat 4:  —  [Steve Berube; Walter Wobig]

{ If you have an item of community interest, please submit it. }