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District Announcements

  • Harmony Businesses — Listed under More Information About Harmony.
  • Golf Carts In Harmony — Authorized by Osceola County Ordinance 2019-54.
  • Garden & Parking Area — Contracts sought for Vehicle Storage Facility expansion.
    — Rental Fees set by HCDD, then administered by HROA.
    — State Law requires Sales Tax be collected on all rentals.
  • OUC Streetlight Loans — Payoff of final pair of loans completed October 31, 2018.
  • HCDD Meetings — Board Minutes in Summary format only a/o February 28, 2019.

Community Activities

Volleyball Court at Lakeshore Park

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Chairman’s Corner.

  • The Harmony Community Development District held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday April 25, 2019 @ 6:00pm.  We were joined by ≈twelve Harmony residents.
  • Regular readers may remember that we have been discussing the acquisition of Buck Lake & adjoining land with the Developer.  Those discussions are continue and I expect documentation from the Developer by Monday (the 29th) detailing his plans.
  • Steve Fusilier (Fusilier Realty) made a detailed presentation regarding several parcels of adjoining lands.  The reason for this is that he owns a number of parcels that the CDD has been unknowingly maintaining for some years.  By unknowingly I mean that we did not know that these small parcels were not CDD-owned.  There are other areas like Central Bark that are owned by Mr. Fusilier but the CDD has maintained those because when Starwood built Central Bark the agreement was that Starwood would build it and supply water in exchange for CDD maintenance; the end result being that Starwood would dedicate the land to the CDD when the surrounding neighborhood was built.
  • A similar situation exists with the land that the Field Services trailer sits on.  Starwood gave the CDD a $1/year lease with the proviso being that we take care of the land.  This was intended to be non-permanent with the hope being that the CDD would eventually obtain land and build our own building.  The Buck Lake acquisition mentioned above would likely provide that land.
  • The inverse exists at the East Entrance in that the center strip is owned by the CDD but the Harmony Tower owned by Mr. Fusilier sits on that land.  None of this is unusual in Developments of this size especially when ownership changes as it has here at least 4 times in Harmony’s history.
  • One might ask “why all this discussion about who owns what?”  Well, it’s important because the CDD, being a publicly-funded governmental agency, is prohibited from spending those public funds to maintain private property.  However, there are situations where reasonableness and common sense must enter the picture and I think we might have encountered a few situations here where those two things must prevail.  We will work with counsel and get things worked out.
  • Mr. Fusilier also requested some significant changes to other established CDD policies including increased pond maintenance with a focus on pond aesthetics rather than pond health; this would include clear-cutting the grass all the way to water’s edge.  Additionally, he would like for the CDD to provide these enhancements to ALL ponds including the golf-course-owned ponds and the ponds Mr. Fusilier owns along US192.  (Note: I’ve been keenly looking at many such ponds and agree that clear-cutting makes for a nice look.  And, my observations are that clear-cut ponds seem to be healthy; in fact, we already have some clear-cut ponds in South Lakes.)
  • Additionally, he would like the fountains in those ponds turned back on with the costs being absorbed by the CDD.  I found it interesting that when SunTerra turned them off, he did not turn them back on.  I can only speculate that the cost of running them was the reason.  Just like the land discussion above, these changes to pond upkeep and the fountains run right into that same roadblock; meaning spending public funds on private property.  So, we will undertake these discussions and try to make the right decisions.  As Mr. Fusilier is heavily invested in Harmony, he is likely the single largest ratepayer to the CDD and the HROA.  But of course, you, the individual owners here also have a say in how your funds get spent and I’d like to have your input on this.
  • He also requested that we update landscaping especially at the East Entrance/Town Square area perhaps to emulate what Harmony West is doing with the idea being to keep us current-looking.  Again, changing out landscaping to stay with current trends certainly can make our surroundings look better; but as always, money enters the picture.  While we’re not broke, the Board is always conscious of resident concerns and thoughts regarding the “look” of Harmony and we don’t hear a lot of comments about the overall look of the landscape.  So, again, I’d like to get your thoughts on this.
  • Moving along, we discussed the tree-trimming project that is coming to a close now and relayed several resident concern to Servello.  We also discussed some punch-list items regarding the mulching also drawing to a close.  Servello will also add the maintenance of CDD land at East Lakes to their schedule.
  • District Engineer, Steve Boyd, provided us with a property analysis directed toward ascertaining whether we are funding reserves adequately to cover replacement of assets.  The analysis indicated that we should be allocating $58k/annually and we have been allocating $60k, so we are fine in that regard.
  • There has been discussion regarding the videotaping of meetings which resident Dan Leet has been streaming to Facebook.  The question was if the CDD purchased a quality camera for this purpose, do public records retention rules apply, and the answer is yes.  So, that means that such recording must be maintained for public use for 2 years.  As InfraMark is our custodian of records, we asked District Manager, Kristen Suit, to provide us with detailed information to accommodate the legal requirements.
  • We discussed the “clean audit” results of FY2018 and noted that the current FY19 budget & finances are in good shape.  There have been requests to expand the parking facility and we saw a map designed by Supervisor Farnsworth which detailed how an expanded facility might look.  Everyone approved & we asked Field Manager, Gerhard van der Snel, to get some additional quotes for carrying out this expansion; which will borrow from Reserves for funding, and replenish those funds from generated income.
  • It appears that the County is ready to approve Harmony as a golf-cart community but we have to buy the mandated signs to accomplish this.  The Board approved spending up to $1000 for these signs, and Supervisor Scarborough asked that any signs/poles be of the “upgraded” style.
  • Long meeting and long story.  Let me know your thoughts.
  • Thanks for reading — see you next month!!


This online reservation system is provided free to Harmony residents through the generosity of Jungle Lasers and Harmony resident, Mark Catanese.  The product used is Geo3.0 (pronounced jee-oh-three-oh).  Currently available only for boats, in the future it may be expanded to include other District Recreational Facilities.

For daily boat operations, contact the Dockmaster (Fri-Sat 407-394-2183; Sun-Thu 407-223-3899).

Board Approvals

  • Fiscal Year 2019 Budget — Fiscal Budget & Assessments – Adopted: 08/30/2018
  • Utility Tractor Purchase — Requested by Field Services – Approved: 09/27/2018
  • Sod Replacement Contract — Throughout Community – Approved: 09/27/2018
  • Pool & Town Square Pavers — Improvement Repairs – Approved: 10/25/2018
  • South End of Billy’s Trail — Move to District Property – Approved: 02/28/2019
  • Ashley Park Pergola — Rebuild the Degraded Structure – Approved: 02/28/2019

Around Town.

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