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To provide an arena (not a “Blog” spot) for reporting things not in the public media world, this page is dedicated to & designed around activities that are happening in the District, by or on behalf of the Residents.  If you have an item of interest to recommend for posting on this page, please email it to the District Manager at

Be AwareIf item is time sensitive, page update is nominally once-per-month.

District Announcements

  • Harmony Businesses — Listed under More Information About Harmony.
  • Butterfly Drive Linear Park — 4 ft wide concrete meander walkway, full length.

Community Activities

Chairman’s Corner

  • The Harmony Community Development District (HCDD) held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Thursday 26 October 2017, and we were joined by 8 residents. Some of the highlights:
  • As you may recall, we were recently involved in a True-up calculation, related to the bond debt, that was “triggered” by the recent sale of Harmony to a new owner. There were significant Legal & Engineering costs involved in this which I felt were caused by (District Manager) Severn-Trent’s inability to provide an accurate debt accounting.
  • After a rather tense conference call on Tuesday, we were visited tonight by Robert Koncar, a regional VP from Severn-Trent. He offered to pay up to $22,500 of our Legal & Engineering costs, which is virtually all of it. We will receive that reimbursement as credits against our monthly service fees over the next 9 months; which, all in all, is a reasonable outcome to a complex situation.
  • District Counsel, Tim Qualls, requested a modest fee increase for his Assistant as well as himself. As it has been several years since his last increase, and because his service is very good, the Board agreed to the increases.
  • CDD Field Services has discovered the noxious weed hydrilla in one of the ponds that Field Services maintains. Hydrilla is a real problem due to its fast growth, and it is almost impossible to eradicate. Field Services Pond Specialist Mike Scarborough joined us, along with a representative from our chemical supplier who is a specialist in aquatic weed control, to discuss treatment options.
  • The end result is that we will be purchasing a rather pricy chemical for treatment next February/March that is guaranteed to work; with the guarantee being that, if the initial treatment doesn’t work, they will supply additional chemicals (free) until it does. Tests of a small-scale sample showed promising results.
  • New landscaper Servello brought us up to date on their work. We informed them of our dissatisfaction with certain areas of their service, especially weeds which are endemic throughout the property. We are also very concerned that they have cut staffing levels, which is simply not acceptable considering the current condition of the property. We were assured that things will be improved by the next meeting.
  • The yellow shade canopies at Lakeshore Park will be replaced soon. Because the yellow looks nice when new but quickly turns dirty, the new canopies will be dark green.
  • District Manager Chuck Walter covered the financials. While the final figures are not yet ready, we finished the fiscal year in good financial shape; with income slightly higher than expected and spending significantly under budgeted levels.
  • Thanks for reading – see you next month!!


This online reservation system is provided free to Harmony residents through the generosity of Jungle Lasers and Harmony resident, Mark Catanese.  The product used is Geo3.0 (pronounced jee-oh-three-oh).  Currently available only for boats, in the future it may be expanded to include other District Recreational Facilities.

For daily boat operations, contact the Dockmaster (voice or text at 407-223-3899).

Board Approvals

  • Meander Walkway — Approvals:  County – 03/30/2017;  Contractor – 05/25/2017

— Awarded:  Installation of 35 Boulevard Trees – 08/31/2017

  • Pool Resurface & Retile — Swim Club & Wading Pools – Approved: 09/28/2017
  • Canopy Replacement — Lakeshore Park Pavilion – Approved: 10/26/2017

Around Town

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