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District Announcements

Board Approvals

  • Easter Event — Town Square 04/04/2020; 8am to 2pm – Approved: 02/27/2020
  • Facilities Survey — Parking & Garden Area Boundary – Approved: 02/27/2020
  • FY 2019 Financials — Audit Firm Engagement Letter – Approved: 10/31/2019
  • Deed of Dedication — VC-1 & W4-2 Plat Acceptance – Approved: 09/26/2019
  • Field Staff Wage — Manager 8% & Crew 5% Increase – Approved: 09/26/2019
  • New Utility Vehicle — Promoted by Board Chairman – Approved: 08/29/2019
  • Field Staff Members — Promoted by Board Chairman – Approved: 08/29/2019
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Budget — Fiscal Budget/Assessments – Adopted: 07/25/2019

Around Town

  • Developer InitiativesExpand Harmony West to Surround Buck Lake
    Rezone Harmony PD to Facilitate Galt’s Landing
  • No Cat Lake Camping — Announced at March 31, 2016 HCDD Board meeting
  • Harmony Volleyball — Lakeshore Park Court:  6:00pm Thursday; all skill levels
  • Board Elections — Next General Election of Board Supervisors is November 3, 2020.
    Qualifying Information is set by Osceola Supervisor of Elections.
    — Seats up for election are #’s 5, 3, & 1; candidates as listed below.
    Seat 5 — {incumbent} Bill Bokunic; others TBD.
    Seat 3 — {incumbent} Kerul Kassel; others TBD.
    Seat 1  — {no incumbent} Open Seat; others TBD.


This online reservation system is provided free to Harmony residents through the generosity of Jungle Lasers and Harmony resident, Mark Catanese.  The product used is Geo3.0 (pronounced jee-oh-three-oh).  Currently available only for boats, in the future it may be expanded to include other District Recreational Facilities.

For daily boat operations, contact the Dockmaster (Fri-Sat 407-394-2183; Sun-Thu 407-223-3899).

Community Activities  —  { need your help }

Buck Lake Volleyball Court with Covered Rest Area in background
Volleyball Court at Lakeshore Park

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Chairman’s Corner

  • The Harmony Community Development District held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday September 26, 2019 @ 6:00pm.  The meeting was held at our new location: the Creative Inspiration Journey (charter) School in St. Cloud.  All 5 Supervisors were in attendance; and we were joined by ≈8 Harmony residents.
  • For several months we have been discussing the condition of trails around Harmony.  The most recent has been Billy’s Trail, which is situated along E. Five oaks Drive.  The issue is that part of the trail is located on Developer (private) property; which precludes us from spending money on it.  Additionally, it appears that cattle fencing has been installed on our land by persons unknown.  So, our plan is to move the trail completely onto CDD land and to move the cattle fencing off of CDD land.  But, to enable moving and improving the trail for user access convenience, a survey must be done first to definitively mark the property line boundaries.
  • In the next few weeks, the deed transfer for parcel VC-1 (the area leading to the Buck Lake entrance) will be completed.  The general consensus is that a Community Center should be built there; and to that end, the zoning has been confirmed to be commercial with all utilities in-place.  In combination with parcel VC-1, the Developer is deeding us parcel W4-2; which is effectively all of the conservation land along the South shore of Buck Lake.  We will own all of the shoreline from the Buck Lake Boat Dock entrance westerly to the tree line behind Neighborhood F (Cherry Hill) along Dark Sky Drive.
  • A complicating factor in the W4-2 parcel acquisition is that we were recently notified that an inspection (required under our SFWMD wetlands management permit) found an infestation of an invasive weed (Old World Climbing Fern) in a small area of that land – as well as in several other CDD-owned and privately-owned lands.  Our permit requires us to treat all of it, and we were quoted over $263,000 to do the job.  Since CDD Field Services already has two licensed aquatic herbicide technicians on staff, we decided to manage this weed infestation in-house.  This requires some significant time to accomplish, and re-treatments are required on a quarterly schedule.  To aid in this effort, the previously approved staffer addition will be expected to obtain an herbicide license.  Costs for this activity will include, in addition to personnel hours, some minor equipments expenditures, plus the outlay for herbicides.  While it is hard to determine (without experience) precisely what the total cost will be, allowing for full-year wages for two men plus the cost of chemicals yields a projected total cost of under $100,000.  This is a significant savings over the quote we received, and is the basis for assigning the job to CDD Field Services rather than contracting it out.
  • I shared with the Board the contents of a ՙrestraining order՚ letter served on me by Mr. Fusiler & his attorney; which alleges, among other things, that I have “…repeatedly and systematically slandered and encouraged others to impugn the capabilities, business ethics, and business practices…”  It goes on to state that they intend to seek injunctive relief, and to request a judgment for monetary damages.  As a member of the Board, I was obliged to share this letter because, in situations like this, especially if obfuscated, the possibility/appearance of a conflict-of-interest might be instilled in the minds of some people.  As with all CDD business, transparency is of paramount importance; so now this factoid is, if ever so briefly, spotlighted and on-record in the public domain.
  • The day before the Board meeting, CDD Counsel, Tim Qualls, and District Manager, Kristen Suit, attended a meeting requested by Mr. Fusiler & his attorney.  From that meeting, Counsel recapped Mr. Fusilier’s offer to sell the Town Tavern building and associated lands, 23 acres at Cat Lake, and approximately 7 acres in front of the Golf Maintenance Building.  The price for this multi-parcel package would be $4.5 million.  According to Mr. Fusilier, the value of Town Tavern is (1) the building itself, (2) income streams generated by the restaurant & banquet/wedding facility, and (3) rental income from the Golf Pro Shop and the Gym.  He also seemed to imply that converting the building to a Community Center would save the cost of construction for an equivalent building.  It is, however, difficult to grasp how spending money for such a conversion, while eliminating the income stream(s) from the businesses located there, would assist in recovering the initial investment.  Allowing for the possibility that something was missed in translation, that is the gist of the proposal as it is presently understood.
  • For clarification and detailed review, we have requested a written proposal.  If it is approved for further consideration, the proposal and associated financial documents will be analyzed by accountants & attorneys in a process known as “due diligence”.  This is a huge undertaking, and is designed to determine whether it makes business sense.  We will not know the answer to that question until the process is complete.
  • A resident asked whether this might increase CDD assessments; and the answer is, at this juncture we simply don’t know.  What can be said is that the elected CDD Board, as both presently and formerly constituted, has historically worked fastidiously to negate the need for fee increases.  In that regard, as a horn-blowing toot, it is to be noted that the 2020 assessments reflect a 2% decrease compared to 2019.  Since we, the District, are a “facilities” provider, not a for-profit business, the question that must be answered first is: are the properties cited, taken collectively, worth $4.5 million as a facilities investment?  If the answer is yes, then the next question is: since we do not have that much cash just lying around, how and where do we secure the necessary financing?  It is the answer to this question that will ultimately determine the impact on CDD fees
  • Another topic that has involved multiple discussions has been keeping our website ADA compliant.  This is a still developing and complex legal situation, but we believe that we are close to implementing a solution which will have minimal financial impact.
  • A related but separate issue is the possibility of ՙsanctioned՚ video streaming of Board meetings.  As a private citizen, anyone can record/stream public meetings; but when a public entity (like the District) officially sanctions such recordings (usually by spending public money), things tend to get complicated.  At a minimum, (1) sub-tiles must be added for the hearing impaired, and (2) recordings must be maintained for two years by the District’s Custodian-of-Records.  Each requirement has associated costs.  The current estimates for sub-title transcriptions are on the order of $400 per recording, plus ancillary handling costs.  Storage fees for these very large files are hard to project, but are guaranteed to grow over time; because, once stored, they are in essence (by way of server backups) available forever if mandated by legal proceedings.  Because of the unsettled legal ramifications and attendant costs, this remains an open discussion.
  • The splashpad at lakeshore Park has lost about half of its 100 different spray patterns.  The cost to repair it is about $4,600; so, for now, we are holding-off on the repair until the remaining patterns also fail.
  • The Field Services office is continuing its move off of private property, and the new office should be in place by October 5th.  By using rentals, the anticipated $55,000 cost of this move will likely come in around $30,000.
  • The renovation & expansion of the Commercial Vehicle Parking Facility is complete, except for the perimeter fence; which has been delayed repeatedly by the County Permitting Office.  We are seeking assistance from the County Community Planning Department in obtaining this permit.
  • We updated our Staff Wage Chart, largely to reflect the reality of wage increases in the current tight employment market.
  • CDD fee collections are at 100%, and total income is at 102% of by-month budgeted amounts.  As of August 31, 2019, expenditures are at 93% of budget projections.  These are excellent results considering the fact that we have had several unexpected spending requirements this fiscal year.
  • As a reflection of the long (3+hour) meeting, there are a lot of details included in this month’s report.  Hopefully you found them inclusive and informative.
  • Thanks for reading — see you next month!!