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To provide an arena (not a "Blog" spot) for reporting things not in the public media world, this page is dedicated to and designed around activities that are happening in the District, by or on behalf of the Residents.  If you have an item of interest to recommend for posting on this page, please email it to the District Manager:

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District Announcements

  • Harmony Businesses — Listed under More Information About Harmony.
  • Golf Carts In Harmony — Authorized by Osceola County Ordinance 2019-54.
  • Garden & Parking Area — Contracts signed for Vehicle Storage Facility expansion.
    — Rental Fees set by HCDD, then administered by HROA.
    — State Law requires Sales Tax be collected on all rentals.
  • OUC Streetlight Loans — Payoff of final pair of loans completed October 31, 2018.
  • HCDD Meetings — Board Minutes in Summary format only a/o February 28, 2019.
    — Until further notice, Location Changed (see Meetings page).
    [ Creative Inspiration Journey School, 2030 Old Hickory Tree Rd, St Cloud, FL ]

Community Activities

Volleyball Court at Lakeshore Park

[ See also list below under Around Town. ]

Chairman’s Corner.

  • The Harmony Community Development District held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday June 27, 2019 @ 6:00pm.  We were joined by ≈twelve Harmony residents; and all 5 Supervisors participated, 2 by speakerphone.
  • Regular readers might remember that we have been talking with the Developer about obtaining six acres of land just east of lakeshore Park and south of Buck Lake.  The discussion includes some form of ownership of the lake as well; which is significant as it assures us of both access to and control of this showpiece lake – in which we have a significant investment in the form of docks, boats, boathouses, and other structures.  As of this writing, I am anticipating a meeting with the Developer on July 2, 2019 to (hopefully) finalize an agreement.  Stay tuned.
  • Field Manager Gerhard van der Snel met with (landscaper) Servello management prior to this meeting to discuss growing concerns with the overall conditions of the grounds.  Their management agreed & promised improvements.  In my view, cost-cutting occurs with every landscaper; and in fact, led to the replacement of the last two landscapers we have contracted with.  I’m hoping that Servello gets back on-track quickly, because replacing the landscaper is a HUGE undertaking.
  • You may also remember that we have been discussing CDD maintenance of privately owned lands – specifically, a cluster of parcels along US192, generally surrounding the East entrance; and a parcel further West along US192 that abuts Ashley Park.  The East entrance group is owned by Mr. Fusilier’s Harmony Retail, LLC.  The West parcel is owned by the Golf Course.  Also included is the Central Bark dog park which is owned by Compass Trading, another company associated with Mr. Fusilier.
  • The significance of this is that public (CDD) funds cannot be used to maintain private lands, unless there is both a Maintenance Easement in place and a quantifiable “value exchange” established.  This latter point is critically important due to the fact that the private owners receive benefits in the form of mowing, trimming, irrigation, & related maintenance of their lands while you, the residents of Harmony, receive benefits only in the form of aesthetics and walking access to the Easement areas.
  • District Engineer Steve Boyd noted that the necessary easements are in place for the US192 parcels; but there is no agreement for Central Bark, nor for the land (owned by Mr. Fusilier) where Harmony CDD’s Field Services office trailer sits.  This is a sensitive, complicated issue with many elements that must be properly aligned for everything to mesh and work properly.  Supervisor Kassel has volunteered to meet with Mr. Fusilier in order to iron out the wrinkles of an agreement.  It is notable that he has suggested that the CDD move its meetings to a different venue as soon as practical.  A sparsity of suitable, near-by meeting places makes this task difficult.  District Counsel Tim Qualls reiterated his opinion(s) regarding public maintenance of private lands.
  • If you are a pool user, you may have noticed that the Swim Club pool was recently closed for repairs.  This occurred because the surface finish (installed in January 2018) started to “bubble” and separate from the original finish under it.  At the time the pool rehab was completed, there were many deficiencies noted in the end product; which resulted, after multiple discussions with the contractor, in the District paying 50% of the contracted price and closing out the invoice.  Now that the contractor has returned and repaired the surface (at no charge), District Counsel has been asked to generate a letter requesting they return in January 2019 to drain the pool, acid wash the surface to blend in the repaired areas, & inspect the surface for other “bubbles”.  The outcome of that inspection will determine the course of future action(s).
  • District Manager Kristen Suit reviewed the monthly financial report and noted that the District’s (actual) expenditures are roughly $100,000 UNDER the (projected) Budget; which means that the CDD’s overall financial position remains strong.
  • The long-awaited Commercial Vehicle Parking Lot expansion will begin on July 8, 2019 with about 2 acres of new surfaced area being added.  Since the entire area needs to be fenced, the Board approved a $17,600 proposal for the job from Straight Line Fence, a company out of St. Cloud, FL.  Once their contract is signed, they will follow the paving contractor and install the fence.  After that, a designation (layout) of the individual slots will be made, with availability of the new area anticipated by September 1, 2019.
  • The Board briefly discussed a formal protocol for placing items on the monthly meeting Agendas.  This initiative is intended to assure that everyone (Supervisors, residents, all interested parties) have sufficient time to review available materials and consider the alternatives and impacts of subsequent actions.
  • As you know, Harmony consists of individually developed neighborhoods identified as: A1 (Ashley Park); B (Birchwood); C1 & C2 (Cypress 1 & 2); D1 & D2 (Drake 1 & 2); E (Estates); F (Cherry Hill), G (Green); H1 (Rosewood) & H2 (Hawthorne); I, J, K, & L (“The Lakes” ­­­­­­- South, East, North, & West, respectively ); O (Waterside); and M, N, A2, & others waiting in the wings for future build-out.  The question is, do you know where they are located?  Many people do not.  To address this, the Board is being asked to consider judicious placement of identifier markers (stylized monuments) at selected points around the community; purposefully to memorialize Harmony history.
  • Other CDD facilities, such as Dog Parks, Neighborhood Parks, Lakeshore Park, Linear Park, Long Park, and other distinctive features or sites like Scout Square, the Sundial, and the Clock Tower/Bat House, are also viable candidates for markers.  The design of these markers (signs) must, of course, be tasteful; large enough to notice without being detrimental to their surroundings.  We will likely start out with a select few to see how residents like them.  If reactions are generally positive, more will be emplaced.  Initial concept details will be available for Board review at the July 25, 2019 meeting.
  • Thanks for reading — see you next month!!


This online reservation system is provided free to Harmony residents through the generosity of Jungle Lasers and Harmony resident, Mark Catanese.  The product used is Geo3.0 (pronounced jee-oh-three-oh).  Currently available only for boats, in the future it may be expanded to include other District Recreational Facilities.

For daily boat operations, contact the Dockmaster (Fri-Sat 407-394-2183; Sun-Thu 407-223-3899).

Board Approvals

  • Fiscal Year 2019 Budget — Fiscal Budget & Assessments – Adopted: 08/30/2018
  • Utility Tractor Purchase — Requested by Field Services – Approved: 09/27/2018
  • Sod Replacement Contract — Throughout Community – Approved: 09/27/2018
  • Pool & Town Square Pavers — Improvement Repairs – Approved: 10/25/2018
  • South End of Billy’s Trail — Move to District Property – Approved: 02/28/2019
  • Ashley Park Pergola — Rebuild the Degraded Structure – Approved: 02/28/2019

Around Town.

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