Meeting Agendas

Pursuant to the Florida Sunshine Law, all meetings of the Board are open to members of the public and the press, unless the Board meets in executive session to discuss pending matters of litigation.

An agenda is prepared one week in advance of each Board meeting, and a full agenda package is posted on this webpage as a PDF file at that time.  A limited quantity of Agenda hard copies (Order-of-Business page only) are available at each meeting for personal use by members of the public.

For the sake of brevity, summaries of monthly expenditures are included in the Agenda, but the ensemble of billing invoices and purchase receipts are packaged separately.  These Invoice Packages are screen-readable, with few perturbations.  If you would like to review them, any member or associate of the district will be pleased to honor your request.

NOTE:  For audience members wishing to comment on agenda items, or other matters of import, the Board requests that written comments be provided prior to the meeting; or if during the course of the meeting, prior to the Board making any motions.

Click here for:  Speaking Request Form.

The District operates on the same fiscal year (“FY”) basis as other governmental entities.  The fiscal year begins October 1st and ends September 30th of the following year.  It is the policy of the Harmony District to retain no more than seven (7) years of records on-line.  If you are interested in an agenda prior to FY 2014, you may search the records library.  If what you are looking for is unavailable there, you will need to contact our Records Officer.

If you find an Agenda [or any Record on this site] that is not screen-readable, please report the issue to our website Administrator and request a copy that is fully ADA Compliant.  We will take immediate steps to ensure that the situation is remediated.

Fiscal Year 2020  (October 1, 2019  through  September 30, 2020)

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Fiscal Year 2019  (October 1, 2018  through  September 30, 2019)

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Fiscal Year 2018  (October 1, 2017  through  September 30, 2018)

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Fiscal Year 2017  (October 1, 2016  through  September 30, 2017)

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Fiscal Year 2016  (October 1, 2015  through  September 30, 2016)

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Fiscal Year 2015  (October 1, 2014  through  September 30, 2015)

    • Oct 30, 2014 … Monthly Meeting
    • Nov 20, 2014 Monthly Meeting
    • Dec 18, 2014 … Monthly Meeting
    • Jan 29, 2015 … Monthly Meeting
    • Feb 25, 2015 … Rules Workshop
    • Feb 26, 2015 … Monthly Meeting
    • Mar 26, 2015 Monthly Meeting
    • Apr 08, 2015 Bond Emergency
    • Apr 30, 2015 Monthly Meeting
    • May 28, 2015 .. Monthly Meeting
    • Jun 25, 2015 Monthly Meeting
    • Jun 26, 2015 Budget Workshop
    • Jul 30, 2015 …. Monthly Meeting
    • Aug 27, 2015 … Monthly Meeting
    • Sep 24, 2015 … Monthly Meeting

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Fiscal Year 2014  (October 1, 2013  through  September 30, 2014)

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