Fiscal Audits

As the District’s audited financial statements are prepared by an independent auditor, and accepted by the Board, they will be posted on this webpage for public dissemination.

The District operates on the same fiscal year ("F.Y.") basis as other governmental entities.  The fiscal year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following year.

If you are interested in an audit report for a fiscal year prior to 2007, please contact the Records Officer (contact details are in panel along right-side of page).

Audit Report for:

To review your choice of financial audit summary reports, visit the Local Budgets portal of the Chief Financial Officer’s Transparency Florida webpage (see also Related Links page).

Harmony CDD’s Fiscal Audits are ADA Compliant and NVDA screen-readable.
If you need an “Attestation” copy of any of these records, please submit an
 email request to our Records Officer: [Sandra.Demarco@inframark.com].