Ancillary Records

For your reference, auxiliary supporting records are provided here that may be of interest to you due to their historical and/or on-going significance in the establishment, maturation, and continuance of the Harmony Community Development District (HCDD or District).

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Harmony CDD Records Library:

Although routinely updated District Records over seven (7) years old are not listed directly on any webpage, within the constraints of the GS1-SL Retention Schedule, R. 1B-24.003(1)(a), Florida Administrative Code, they are available upon request by any resident or member of the general public.  If you would like to review anything from our library, please contact us at your convenience.  The types of records generated most frequently by the District are those that fall into one of the following generic categories.

 Agendas   Minutes   Budgets   Assessments 
 Invoices   Resolutions   Audits   Presentations 

If you are seeking a type of record not listed here, please let us know and we will provide any applicable records timely and in good faith.  We look forward to being of service.

Establishment Ordinances:

—  Defines the Harmony CDD boundary & acreage, effective March 6, 2000

—  Amends 00-05 for Special Powers of District, effective September 14, 2000

—  Amends 00-05 & 00-16 to revise District boundary, effective October 1, 2001

—  Amends 00-05, 00-16, & 01-35 to expand acreage, effective January 10, 2005

—  Authorizes Golf Carts on County Roads within Boundary of Harmony District

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Engineering Reports:

  • March 2000  [0.93 MB] — Description of Birchwood DRI and Harmony District
  • August 2000  [0.86 MB] — Revision One to Birchwood DRI & Harmony District
  • September 2000  [1.34 MB] — Revision Two to Birchwood DRI & District Detail
  • August 2001  [11.6 MB] — Revision Three to Details of Birchwood DRI & District
  • July 2004  [0.36 MB] — Renaming of DRI to Harmony and Revisions to District
  • June 2012  [0.66 MB] — Description of Revisions to Harmony DRI and District

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Bond Documents:

*CIR = Capital Improvement Revenue

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CDD Anatomy:

  • Organization Chart:  [0.18 MB]
  • — Hierarchical reporting structure of personnel serving the Harmony community