Harmony Community Development District (HCDD).
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District Meetings:   - Agendas,              - Minutes.

About Harmony:     - What Is A CDD,    - District Board,    - District FAQ.

District Facilities:    - Recreational,        - Landscaping,     - Ponds & Wetlands,    - Irrigation.

Public Records:      - District Rules,      - Assessments,    - Fiscal Audits,              - Budgets,      - Ancillary.

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HCDD Home:   Welcome To Our Website,   Customer Service,  Most Requested Items (list),   No Signs Or Structures In Easement.

Bulletin Board:   {Untitled Intro Paragraph},   District Announcements,   Community Activities,    Chairman’s Corner,
Acknowledgments,           Board Approvals,                Around Town.

District Meetings:   Fiscal Year 2019 Regular Meetings (list),   {Supplemental Info Section 1},
Fiscal Year 2019 Special Meetings (list),    {Supplemental Info Section 2},    {Supplemental Info Section 3}.

Meeting Agendas:  {Introductory Overview},   Fiscal Year 2019 (list),   Fiscal Year 2018 (list),   Fiscal Year 2017 (list),   Fiscal Year 2016 (list).

Meeting Minutes:    {Overview Paragraphs},   Fiscal Year 2019 (list),   Fiscal Year 2018 (list),   Fiscal Year 2017 (list),   Fiscal Year 2016 (list),
Fiscal Year 2015 (list),   Fiscal Year 2014 (list),   Fiscal Year 2013 (list).

About Harmony:   {Introductory Overview},  Maps In Printable Form (list),  More Information About Harmony,  Boundary & Property Served,
District Infrastructure,   Summary of Improvements,    Roadways,   Alleys & Sidewalks,   Water Wastewater & Electrical Facilities;
Stormwater Management Facilities,    Landscape & Hardscape,       Recreation & Parks.

What Is A CDD:    {Top-Level Summary Description – includes a Legal Memorandum link and an Osceola Districts link}.

District Board:      {Introduction & Overview},    Supervisors (list),   Consultants,   Contractors.

District FAQ:   Purpose Of Harmony CDD,  Explanation Of Assessments;  WHY (non-ad valorem),   HOW (components),   WHAT (bonds).

District Facilities:    Facilities Overview,    Recreational Facilities,   District Landscaping,   Ponds & Wetlands,   Irrigation System.

Recreational Facilities:  General Information & Reminders,  Harmony Swim Club,  Photo ID Access Cards,  Facility Reservations,
Boats On Buck Lake,   Boat Usage Requirements,    Boat Dock Hours-of-Operation,    Dock Fishing Hours-of-Operation,
Boat Reservations,      Boat Availability.

District Landscaping:    General Information for Owners & Residents,    HROA Covenants Section 5.1,    HROA Covenants Section 5.4.

Ponds & Wetlands:    Harmony Master Drainage Infrastructure,   Stormwater Management Goals;
Goal #1 - Maintain Water Quality,      Goal #2 - Maintain Historic Water Levels,      Goal #3 - Preserve 100-Year Storm Event Storage,
Goal #4 - Streets Parks & Neighborhood Drainage,   Goal #5 - Serve As Amenity To Community,   Goal #6 - Provide Wildlife Habitat.

Irrigation System:      Residential Irrigation,     Community Irrigation,    Irrigation System Map.

Public Records:         {Overview & Listing Of Categories}.

District Rules:            Rules Sections Of Special Interest,            Complete Rules Package Download.

Assessments:            {Overview Of Assessment Methodology},      Assessment Schedules (Fiscal Year 2007 through Fiscal Year 2019).

Fiscal Audits:             {Untitled Intro To Audit Process},                   Audit Reports (Fiscal Year 2007 through Fiscal Year 2017).

Fiscal Budgets:          {Summary Of Budget Elements},                   Adopted Budgets (Fiscal Year 2005 through Fiscal Year 2019).

Ancillary Records:     {Untitled Intro Paragraph},     Establishment Ordinances (list),     Engineering Reports (list),     Bond Documents (list),
Developer Plans (The Lakes),   Field Services (Employee Manual),   Resolutions (numbered tabulation).

Related Links:    Florida Statutes,    Florida Commission on Ethics,    Department of Financial Services,    Osceola County Departments,
Osceola County Property Appraiser,    Osceola County Tax Collector,    Osceola County Supervisor of Elections,
Toho Water Authority,      Orlando Utilities Commission,      Harmony Businesses (list),     Harmony Associations (list),
Governmental Agencies (list),  Educational Institutions (list),   Environmental Interests (list),   Travel/Visitor Information (list).

Report Problems:      {General “How-To” Process Description}.

[Right-Hand Column Information].    Fiscal Year 2019 Agendized Meetings,     Field Maintenance Issues,     Registered Agent's Office,
District Manager's Office,    InfraMark Regional Office,    Public Records Requests,    Contact Privacy Notice.


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